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As You Wish by Cary Elwes


Did you love the movie and/or the book The Princess Bride? Then read this book. Cary Elwes obviously had the time of his life filming this movie, and he tells you all about it. He loved his fellow cast members, his director, and the crew, and he tells you all about them, too. The cynical me kept waiting for some bitter, tell-all moments of sniping about bad blood between the stars, but none ever happened. (Inconceivable!) Could it be that the reason everyone loves this movie is because it was made with love and roses and sunshine and rainbows by kind loving people who were all fantastic to work with? Apparently, yes! So go ahead, read it, it’ll make you feel good. Plus you’ll want to watch Princess Bride again with your kid, which I did, and I am here to tell you the movie stands the test of time and can still make an 11-year-old (and his parents) laugh out loud.