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Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill

dept spec

This book was recommended to me by a coworker as “a perfect story of a marriage”. I read it in one sitting and went through an emotional wringer while riding an emotional roller coaster while seriously needing a glass of wine and therapy. Trigger warning: if you have ever been disappointed, betrayed, disillusioned or in any way wronged by a lover/spouse and gone through the painful process of recovery from that trauma, this book is going to bring it all back in exquisitely excruciating detail. But you should probably read it anyway. It’s that good.


Angry Little Girls in Love by Lela Lee


Go read this book right now. No, seriously. I know I shouldn’t think it’s funny and I should keep working on my meditation and anger management but every now and then IT’S JUST SO SATISFYING TO REALIZE THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE ANGRY, TOO. 😉 Are you an Angry Little Girl at heart? Do you love one? This book will make others stare at you as you snort, guffaw, and cringe with recognition. Best of all, it’s cartoons so it’ll only waste a few minutes of your day.