Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex by Mary Roach


OK, I promise I will stop listening to Mary Roach books in the car and then telling you about them. But I had to mention this one, because it’s the only time I have ever blushed furiously while driving in my car by myself with the windows up. There are chapters of this book so embarrassing that you think you should be listening with a black bar over your eyes. There are others so cringe-worthy that you will actually physically squirm. At one point, the author actually talks her husband into participating in a study where they have ultrasound pictures taken of them while they have sex. If this wasn’t bad enough in itself, he makes small talk with the doctor, and she takes notes WHILE THEY DO THE DEED. (And that wasn’t even the chapter where I cringed the hardest – that one involved rods being inserted into a man’s penis, which made me cross my legs in sympathy and shudder even though I don’t HAVE a penis.) Go get it, read or listen to it, and enjoy – right now. But not when anyone else could be listening, unless you have a high threshold for embarrassment.

Incidentally, I started Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife this week, and I have to say, Mary Roach has finally written a book I probably won’t finish. This might be due to the reader (who has, quite possibly, the most irritating voice on the planet), but is probably also due to the fact that I am just not that interested in reincarnation research, weighing souls, or spiritualism, which she has covered so far. Hopefully it’ll pick up with some real science instead of the psuedoquackery.


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