It Looked Different on the Model by Laurie Notaro


OK, so maybe I only thought this book was funny because she mocks people from Eugene, OR, but I listened to the whole audiobook anyway, despite it being one of those self-deprecating humor books where the author tells you everything that is wrong with her/him and somehow makes this funny rather than pathetic, but only just. The book was totally worth it if only for the chapter where she describes the adventures of “Ambien Laurie” – a character who is adamantly NOT the author, but nonetheless amuses all of the author’s friends while ruining her reputation and damaging her marriage.

Authors with a similar tone (“there’s something wrong with me and I’m going to make you laugh about it even while you are horrified”): Nora Ephron,  Jen Lancaster, Jenny Lawson, Edward Ugel, Augusten Burroughs, Henry Alford, David Sedaris.


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